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International Inheritances

We are a firm dedicated exclusively to inheritance process around the world with more than 20 years of experience.

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International Inheritances

We’re here to guide you through the legal process after someone has died: documents, declaration of heirs, inventory, taxes, partition and more.

Free Legal Advice

Questions about an international inheritance? We offer you free guidance in real time and study your case commitment-free

Tax Administration

We process and assess inheritance tax, capital gains, donations and required fees.

Free Consultation

Succession genealogical research
Processing of your inheritance without advance payment Always
Purchase of Hereditary Rights

Succession genealogical research

  • We assume the inheritance investigation expenses at our own risk
  • Identification of the heir Search and location of the heir in any country

Inheritance Processing

  • We advance the expenses of national and international procedures.
  • We do not charge anything until you receive your inheritance.
  • Legal advice included throughout the process.

Purchase of Hereditary Rights

  • Profitability assessment of the inheritance for the sale
  • Analysis of alternatives to the resignation of inheritances
  • Management of the purchase of the inheritance before a notary

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Our formula for success

Our expert genealogists in inheritance research are able to identify the heirs and consequently locate them anywhere in the world.

1 - Investigation of the culprit We investigate everything about him: his living address, his changes of residence, his profession, etc.
2 - Profitability Analysis We verify if the inheritance is profitable for the heir since we only handle cases of solvent inheritances.
3 - Investigation and identification of heirs Elaboration of genealogical tree, compilation of evidence and field work in accordance with Succession Law.
4 - Location of the heirs Once the possible heirs have been identified, we search for their whereabouts to confirm in person that they are the final heirs.
5 - Processing of inheritance We handle the entire succession process of the heirs: documentation, declaration of heirs, liquidation of inheritance tax, etc.
6 - Delivery of the inheritance Acceptance and distribution of funds to each of the heirs found.